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Requests for Elite or Premium program applications will be received from Monday May 1 2023. 
Please send your performance resume and event request to:

Entries for the Elite & Premium events are free of charge for the athletes who have achieved the standards in 2022 or 2023.

Some lodging and travel costs could be covered at the meet director's discretion depending on the athlete level.

Your entries for Elite or Premium events can be done through the website. 

If your athlete is entered through the AVS Entry system with one of the standards, performances will be validated.

The system will automatically recognize if you are allowed a free of charge entry.


You can also contact directly with Mr. Laurent Godbout to determine your eligibility for the Elite or Premium events.

For any other question related to your eligibility for Elite or Premium events, please contact: 

Laurent Godbout

  MEN                       EVENTS                      WOMEN

10.60                           100                           11.80

  n/a                             200                           24.00

48.00                           400                           55.00

1 :50.00                       800                          2 :05.00

1 :45.00                       800 Wheelchair         

3 :46.00                       1500                        4 :17.00

9:20.00                       3000 Steeple             10:40.00

n/a                            100 hurdles                    13.90

53.00                        400 hurdles                   1:00.00

2,08                          High jump                       n/a

4,80                           Pole vault                       3,80

14,30                         Shot put                        12,00

MEET RECORDS (Montréal & Québec)

11.11     (2021)    Crystal Emmanuel (Canada)         100m           10.09  (2022)    Usheoritse Itsekiri (Nigéria)

23.42     (2019)    Catherine Léger (Canada)             200m          20.99  (2019)   Sean McLean (États-Unis)

51.82     (2021)    Alicia Brown (Canada)                 400m           46.05  (2021)   Nathan George (Canada)

2:01.69  (2021)   Melissa Bishop-Nriagu (Canada)     800m         1:46.88 (2021)   Robert Heppenstall (Canada)

4:07.62  (2019)   Yolanda Ngarambe (Suède)           1500m        3:37.11 (2021)   Charles Philibert-Thiboutot (Canada)

8:51.98  (2021)   Julie-Anne Staehli (Canada)            3000m        7:58.01 (2021)    Lucas Bruchet (Canada)

12.89     (2022)   Michelle Harrison (Canada)         100m haies

56.57     (2021)   Noelle Montcalm (Canada)        400m haies     49.84   (2022)     Trevor Bassitt (États-Unis)

9:27.54  (2021)  Regan Yee (Canada)                  3000m SC

1:52.05  (2018)   Diane Roy (Canada)                    800m FR       1:40.32 (2022)   Alex Dupont (Canada)

3:30.28  (2018)   Diane Roy (Canada)                   1500m FR       2:55.98 (2018)   Joshua Cassidy (Canada)

1,82m    (2021)   Barbara Bitchoka (Canada)          Hauteur           2,26m   (2021)    Michael Mason (Canada)

6.15m    (2021)   Christabel Nettey                        Longueur         7,57m   (2021)   Scott Joseph (Canada)

4,35m    (2022)   Alysha Newman (Canada)          Perche             5,30m   (2022)   Nathan Filipek (Canada)

                                                                                                                          Daniel Gleason (Canada)

18,82m  (2021)  Sarah Mitton (Canada)                 Poids             14,97m (2022)   Anthony Labbé (Canada)          

58,25m  (2018)  Galina Mityaeva (Canada)           Marteau         62,09m  (2018)  Philippe Jean (Canada)

* Record canadien/Canadian record


Entries for the Open events in the pre-program must be processed via before Friday June 23 at 11:59 PM. The following tutorial on YouTube will help you open an account and process your entries: YouTube TUTORIAL

Entries fees (non-refundable) will be 25$ per event et payed on-line by credit card before the deadline.​


For all events, athletes must be members of their provincial association or their respective national federations. Provincial registration must be done through your Trackie club account at least four (4) business days before the competition.

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