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Date:      THURSDAY JUNE 29

Facility:   Claude-Robillard Sports Complex
              1000 Émile-Journault, Montréal, QC, H2M 2E7

Track coating: cast-in-place polyurethane - Beynon 13 mm
Coating of the central area of ​​the track: polyurethane rubber and natural grass
· Type of lighting: Halogenide - HID - 500 lux for soccer; 300 lux for track and field
Electrical system: 30 amps, 120 volts


400m 8 lanes track
Both straights of the track can be used for sprint events
over a maximum distance of 110 m
Four areas for long jump and triple jump
Four shot put areas
Four areas for pole vault
An area for high jump
One water pit (river) for the Steeplechase event
A soccer field on natural grass (68 mx 100 m - 223 ft x 328 ft)
ABSEN LED video screen with video controller dimension 5300 mm X 3000 mm
Complete sound system
A drainage and irrigation system for the natural soccer field
Shot put cage, hammer, disc javelin available
Public Wi-Fi and access point reserved for organizers


Adjacent to stadium
An area for shot put
Two areas for javelin throwing
An area for the discus and hammer throw

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