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Photo credit: Mundo Sport Images/Sean Burges

Montréal, May 28, 2024 – This is it! Audrey Leduc, the new queen of Canadian sprinting, will make her professional debut on May 31 at the “Edwin Moses Legends Meet” in Atlanta.

The Atlanta competition is part of the American Track League series and should be very competitive for Canada's new record holder. Currently ranked 14th in the world, there are already eight American athletes ahead of her in the international rankings.

We met Audrey in training last week and she doesn't seem too nervous as she prepares for this first competition intended for so-called professional athletes. So cool that she has no idea who she will be facing.

Since her first spring competitions and her recent performances, a lot has changed around the sprinter from Gatineau. Now almost qualified for the Paris Olympic Games, Audrey and her coach Fabrice Akué do not intend to unnecessarily increase the number of competitions between now and the Canadian Olympic Trials from June 26 to 30.

Priority seems to stick to the planned schedule without rushing into all the opportunities offered to her. This is why we can count ourselves fortunate to see Audrey at work on June 21 during La Classique, a rare opportunity on Québec soil.

Québec athletes are therefore expecting fans in large numbers for La Classique and, exceptionally this year, will be faced with opponents from many countries in search of Olympic qualification standards.

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