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Montréal, 27 march 2024 - La Classique d'athlétisme de Montréal recently published its new program of events for the next June 21 edition, with additions that will surely please athletes and fans.

In addition to the always exciting track sprint events, 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, the traditional middle distance events such as 800 m and 1500 m are also included in the Elite events with increased prize money. As a novelty this year, organizers have added the 1000 metres events, for women and men, in a Premium category. The kilometre run, not frequently staged outdoors, will be attractive for many 800 or 1500 specialists preparing for the Athletics Canada olympic Trials beginning six days later. Another addition to our program will be the women and men's 2000 m Steeplechase, targeting athletes preparing for the 3000 m Steeplechase at the Trials.

The Classique's program will also include women's 100 m hurdles, men's 110 m hurdles and 400 m hurdles for both women and men.

The program also includes paralympic athletes events, 100 m and 800 m. La Classique also hopes to attract Elite athletes in field events such as Shot put (M&W), Pole vaut (M&W), and

Men's High Jump, all events with increased prize money.

One should note that the 1000 metres events will count as equivalencies for world rankings and olympic qualification in the 800 metres. The 2000 m Steeple results will count as equivalencies for the 3000 m Steeple rankings towards the Paris Olympic Games.

The graphic above shows the equivalencies for each event in the race for olympic qualification.

The provisional schedule is now online on the Classique's website at

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